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John Stallings has created a product that meets the needs of two very important parts of the golf industry: golf courses and golfers. “Golf course owners and managers are always looking for inexpensive ways to attract players to their courses. And golfers, especially when visiting a new area, are looking for places to play, ”Stallings said.

Its creation, which spanned seven years, is Golf Guide Directory, an online directory service created solely to connect golfers to golf courses, and it brings these two important things together with just one click. With a directory of all golf courses in the United States and the “NEAR ME” app, players can get information about nearby courses in an instant.

“The website will display all golf courses within the radius of the golfer’s choice, 10 miles, 50 miles, etc.,” Stallings said. “The program will display a generic list of golf courses in the specified area. For our “featured courses” it will display a list with photos of the course, clubhouse, restaurant or whatever the course leader chooses to include. The player will then decide where to play.

“We are excited to launch our platform this year at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando; Golf course owners now have a cost effective way to reach large numbers of golfers with our SEO-optimized digital platform, unlike print, our golf course owners can customize their marketing plan all the way through. year round at no additional cost. “

Golf course owners should check their free listing and verify its content as soon as possible.

The service is free for golfers and the courses do not pay a fee to be included in the directory. For $ 1,500 per year, they can upgrade their Simple List to become a “Featured Course,” including all the information they want to share with curious golfers.

“There is no software to buy or load for the courses, but they will have the ability to customize the content on their feature page,” Stallings said. “The site is updated and refined daily with new and exciting elements, so the upgrades will come fast and furious and the courses will receive them automatically.”

Stallings is particularly excited about a new item in the works. “We’re really excited about a feature we’re working on right now, where a customer will be able to book a tee time with the course directly from their listing,” Stallings said. “It’s a one stop shop from start to finish.”

In addition to looking for courses, players have other reasons to visit the website They can keep up to date with the latest golf news through a daily news feed, read equipment reviews, learn about the latest coaching aids, get instructional tips to help their game, and more. .

Stallings said: “Although the site is very informative on all aspects of golf, we want to be known as the king of ‘Near Me’ research. Just three clicks and you have a list of great courses to play, with no booking fees and no fees.

Golf Guide Directory’s manufacturing partners include Golf Training Aids, Sky Caddy, Flat Cat, Dynamic Brands, Duca Del Cosma, and Antigua Golf Apparel.

For more information call 423-839-6523 (+1 for international calls) or visit

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