Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 4 ditches Mozilla Firefox ESR web browser


Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu – it’s pretty well known. But did you know that there is a different version of the operating system which is more Debian based? It’s true! Called “Linux Mint Debian Edition”, or “LMDE” for short, it is much less popular than the “normal” Mint. So why does it exist? Believe it or not, it exists (in part) to serve as a contingency plan in case Ubuntu ceases to be developed.

Today is November 1st and the developers at Linux Mint have shared some monthly development news that is largely boring. A little bit of information is interesting, however; Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 (codename “Debbie”) will abandon the Mozilla Firefox ESR web browser. LMDE 4 will instead move users to the normal “quick release” variant.

Speaking of Firefox ESR, Mozilla says that the web browser version “receives major updates on average every 42 weeks with minor updates such as crash fixes, security fixes, and updates. policy as needed, but at least every four weeks. In addition to various updates. cycles, the ESR currently has access to additional policies that are not available in the quick release. “

Will LMDE users miss Firefox ESR? Probably not. First, there aren’t many actual users of the operating system. More importantly, the extended support version of Firefox is typically used by the enterprise, where companies want employees to use a very stable version of the operating system – they usually don’t need or frequently want to new features. That said, it’s unlikely that many companies (if any) actually use LMDE.

So, folks, Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 will ditch the Mozilla Firefox ESR web browser, and it’s absolutely the right choice. Home users – the people most likely to use Linux Mint Debian Edition 4 – will be much better served by the fast version of the browser. Quite frankly, it’s very curious that the developers chose the ESR variant for LMDE in the first place.

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